Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crumpler Photo Neck Strap

The disadvantage of carrying your DSLR camera everywhere is that it strains your neck and back and the neck strap that comes with your DSLR does not help at all. To avoid straining your neck, you need a product that is ergonomically designed.

Crumpler Photo Neck Strap is designed to ease the load of pro and wannabe photographers like me who carry heavy camera gears around their neck. It's a heavy duty camera strap with Ergonomic neoprene neck pad with grip, breathable air mesh strap, double length adjustment feature and extra strength attachment strap.

I have been wanting to purchase this brilliantly designed neck strap but somehow I cannot get myself to pay for it. I guess I just need someone to buy it for me. Thanks Hon!

I have tried it immediately upon purchase and I already felt the difference.


Cza said...

wow! how much how much??? I'm gonna convince my Dear to buy me one too! :P

aya_moldez said...

hi how much and how can i buy it? thanks

Matthew said...

They are readily available from Amazon as well as Crumpler's own site.

Not that the two camouflage options are limited editions.

Also, right now the brown option is Amazon Prime eligible and costs $30.

The camo versions will have you dropping $40.

eloifarr said...

My chiropractor Dandenong neck pain says that I need one even if I don't use my camera every day.